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About Ina:

Ina was born in Umeå, and grew up on Gotland and in Varberg. Since 2004 she has lived and worked in different places in Europe, and often returned to London where she received a Bachelor in dance 2007. June 2017, she graduates her Master in Choreography with a specialisation in New Performative Practices through Stockholm University of the Arts. Ina choreographs exhibitions that have taken place in art galleries, theatres, warehouses or on other site-specific locations. She also works as a dancer. Her practice involves the building and curating of Bjällansås Studio on the west coast of Sweden – a place to deepen artistic practices. Ina also gives shiatsu treatments. She is driven by sharing the varied and deepened knowledge about bodily practice that her dance practice has given (through collaborations, teachers, students and peers) and still gives her.


Please go to www.bjallansasstudio.se for Bjällansås Studio

and bok.dokmo.se for more information about treatments and classes



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