example of a zen meridians & dancing workshop




- dancing through focus on liver and gallbladder as well as their meridians.


About the workshop:

In the mornings, we will explore the liver and the liver meridian as well as the gallbladder and the gallbladder meridian as inspiration for the dancing. A meridian is an energy line that follows different pathways along the body and they are part of a treatment when receiving/giving Acupuncture and Shiatsu. In this weekend course the aim is the moving/dancing. Can you perceive through a line along your body, as if it was an ear or an eye? How can one find new directions in the dancing with focus on this line and this organ? This specific focus can set off a sensitivity, where we perhaps can follow the movement that arises. Or where we do already inhabited movement material (as for example mundane movement) to deepen the contact with the surfaces.

In the afternoons, we enter the dancing from a group improvisation structure, where we use tools that deal with spatiality at the same time as we can focus on our own materia, the line, the organ.

The course is open for persons will a lot of experience within the field and to persons that feel they have no experience. What is important is that you have a curiosity of movement and an interest to deepen the contact with your materia, as well as dancing/moving in a room together with others. In the course, we also will converse about the dancing, which can open for new possibilities.


Previous workshops/Classes:

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Bjällansås Studio, Bokenäs

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History of this research

With a start in 2011 she has been working with Zen meridians as a way of organizing scores, movement patterns and performances. She was interested in how each meridian would influence movement sequencing and how it would connect the dancer to the space. Could a dancer use a Zen meridian to perceive? Could one let that perception guide subtle complex directions in body parts, and could this perceiving be a way of directing travel through space? In her work “which part” a score was composed of the 12 meridians. They were used in relation to the speed in Goa Trance music, and later put in the same space as a body/mind philosopher over Skype (Benjamin Andrae). He would converse with the visitors about the body mind problem as Ina went through the score. She was interested in shifting realities, poking and putting different world views next to each other. Ina subsequently used the Zen meridians as influence on improvisation in her exhibition “en levande utställning”. She shared her practice with 5 other dance artists and they connected the meridians to other perceived truths. One part of the exhibition was to move through the meridians including other techniques, expressions and representations into the improvisation. In 2012 Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Ina Dokmo continued to research the Zen meridians into performance, and now in connection to the Myofascial meridians. The research involves composing movement phrases and associating the research through other fields of knowledge. The Myofascial meridians often take a similar path in the body as do the Zen. Ina is interested in the differences of the two and how they influence us in different directions. As a Shiatsu therapist, when she is treating her clients, she now uses both fields of knowledge, and is interested in diving into more work with fascia so that it can be put in relation to the Chinese meridian system.



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