Zen-meridians & Dancing


I offer movement workshops that investigate inner organs in relation to chinese acupuncture points and zen-meridians. These have previously been held in e.g. Queretaro, Mexico; TripSpace, London; Bjällansås Studio, Bokenäs; Dansbyrån, Göteborg.


Background information / how I came into this practice:


The journey started around 2004 when I was introduced to experiential anatomy. This happened as I went to dance classes by Gill Clarke in my first year at Trinity Laban Conservatoir of Music and Dance. Gill introduced and gave space for a deeper way of connecting to my dancing which I was really interested in. I got to know a lot about anatomy in a very felt sense, mostly learning about the skeletal structures. Something I was later (2006) interested to go deeper into were the viscera (inner organs like lungs, liver, heart etc) and their connection to the moving body. So, in my third year at Laban during my independent project I started to research the viscera through improvisation. I found different emotional qualities as I was dancing and therefore, with the help of my tutor Carlotte Darbyshire, started to investigate Chinese Medicine. In that system each organ is said to have connections to e.g. emotions. I started to use information from both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine as inspiration for the organ improvisations. Later on, in 2007, I was introduced to the shiatsu meridians in dance improvisation classes led by Eva Karczag and from then on I really wanted to know more about the meridians. 2012 I graduated a 2,5 year Shiatsu education in Ängelholm, Sweden, led by Carina Andersson. I have always been moving and dancing with the meridians as I learnt them and as I research them. I find it quite interesting what it gives to the dancer in general and in terms of directions, connections and spatial awareness. It has been a solo practice for years, but I have also invited and collaborated with other dance artists to create choreography with this as a base. I see both anatomical mapping and Chinese meridian mapping as body maps that have been created and that become part of the improvisation as I move. The research has made me think a lot about how the body is being mapped by me or by someone else. What power a map has over me. How it changes the way I perceive the world around me. Who made the map and why? How was it created? I am very keen on committing to different kinds of systems and maps - fully diving into a world view to later be able to step out of it and see it from another perspective and dive in again.


below is an example of a zen meridians & dancing workshop I thaught in Bjällansås Studio:




- dancing through focus on liver and gallbladder as well as their meridians.


About the workshop:

In the mornings, we will explore the liver and the liver meridian as well as the gallbladder and the gallbladder meridian as inspiration for the dancing. A meridian is an energy line that follows different pathways along the body and they are part of a treatment when receiving/giving Acupuncture and Shiatsu. In this weekend course the aim is the moving/dancing. Can you perceive through a line along your body, as if it was an ear or an eye? How can one find new directions in the dancing with focus on this line and this organ? This specific focus can set off a sensitivity, where we perhaps can follow the movement that arises. Or where we do already inhabited movement material (as for example mundane movement) to deepen the contact with the surfaces.

In the afternoons, we enter the dancing from a group improvisation structure, where we use tools that deal with spatiality at the same time as we can focus on our own materia, the line, the organ.

The course is open for persons will a lot of experience within the field and to persons that feel they have no experience. What is important is that you have a curiosity of movement and an interest to deepen the contact with your materia, as well as dancing/moving in a room together with others. In the course, we also will converse about the dancing, which can open for new possibilities.





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