- a presentation of an artistic practice.


In an imagined experiential dimension, there are these things hovering. The hovering things exist 3-dimensionally. They are the artistic practice. They change, move around, transform, disappear, reappear. There is no hierarchy, there are just different positions that hover, slowly rotate. The things hover inside themselves and they are floating around in a room, gliding past each other, or hovering next to. The things hovering are neither chaotic nor ever still. They are gatherings from chaos, they´ve been fished up from chaos, now they hang there, they hover as they wish to. Between these hovering things there are experiential connections that emerge and disentangle. The things might go back to chaos as well, there is no fence. That chaos is lovely, it is a casserole of differently cut up entities, things, bits and other stuff. It is not an individual´s chaos. It is not mine. It does not belong to any individual nor to human beings. It is just chaos as it is, all around and through. The hovering is gathered by me, but not only and it is not mine. I cannot control the hovering, it lives, it transforms.


This presentation explores only some of the hovering things. The two most evident being experiential connections and specific mappings.


The first part of the presentation is a performance where the visitors are lying down and guided through a journey of experiential connections. Gradually the visitors´ own experience of an inner journey extend as the performers start to shape and map out experiential connections in the room.


Following the performance, there is a fika paus.


After the fika, the visitors who would like to, can join a short movement workshop exploring dancing through focusing on a specific mapping (as practiced by Ina and Roselle Gillam).





Choreography: Ina Dokmo


Performers: Lena Kimming, Alice MacKenzie and Ina Dokmo


Mentors/Supervisors: Roselle Gillam, Rebecca Hilton, Kerstin Schroth, Stina Nyberg


Host/collaborator: Alexandra Wingate



Thank you:

Roselle Gillam, Peers, Teachers, Weld, Family, Bjällansås Gård, Alexandra Wingate, Ställbergs Gruva, Ingvild Isaksen, current collaborators and mentors as well as all previous collaborators, teachers, peers, colleagues.


Photos by David Relan.


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